Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Start a blog called "The Poll Vault": Done!

Whenever I organize an event, I create a Google Form. Whenever I create a Google Form, I come up with a random, multiple choice question. I think I started asking these questions several years ago because 1) I love data, and 2) I'm always interested to see what defines "normal". I know for sure that the combination of growing up with immigrant parents mixed with my own eccentric peculiarities produces skewed views of "normal". When I observe something that doesn't mesh with what I previously thought were absolute truths, I start to wonder, 'Is it the other person, or is it me? There exist people who don't think the best part of a lobster is the tail?? Am I the weird one for assuming that the tail is by default the most desired part?'

I decided a couple years ago that I would one day compile all the results of these polls into a blog called "The Poll Vault". I thought it was pretty clever. I'm going to ignore the fact that googling that phrase shows that ABC News, The Washington Post, Extra (omgzz! totally newsworthy! "Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: PDA on Set of 'R.I.P.D.'") all independently came up with that pun.

Just wrote my first post yesterday: http://thepollvault.blogspot.com

graph of pole vault Olympic records
(Graph from http://motivate.maths.org/content/pole-vault)

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